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Writer Writer Words on fire
Writer Writer Words on fire
This is my blog with all my personally written poetry. I hope you like it.
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My grandpa can sail, but doesn’t know how to swim. (via l0ve-the-bad)

Man with a power complex,
who has to control every situation
at any given time.
You taught yourself how to sail
as just a young boy.
But how can you sail,
When you don’t even know how to swim?

Beware the winds,
beware the wicked storms.
They will throw you overboard
and drown you.
The nymphs of the sea
pull you down
to the deep, dark bottom of the sea.

Darker than your darkest secrets.
Deeper than the pain left from
becoming who you came to be too fast.
You are not in control any longer.
The surroundings take you in,
an outsider.
The water tries to inhale you,
sliding its way down your

Man with a power complex,
Man with a knowledge complex,
Tell me.
How does it feel
to know you’re dying?
To know that you’re powerless?
That you are clueless about
the strange, new creatures
that encompass your body,
staring you down
like a lion eyes a piece of meat.

How on earth did you think that
you could sail,
if you didn’t know how to swim?

"Why are you so afraid of a relationship?"

Because maybe I have
some Daddy issues and always
pick the wrong one for me.

Maybe because I have Mommy
issues and with every good guy
who comes my way, I don’t
know how to treat them.

Maybe I’m fucked up from both
and maybe I’m scared to
death I’ll never find real love
or happiness.

Or maybe I’m scared of being
actually happy and having
someone so close who knows
all my secrets after being
so sad for so long.

Maybe because I’m scared the
next one won’t know the meanings
“STOP” and
like my last did.

I’m sorry, but I am not sure.

Sorry I haven’t posted in forever! I have a bunch of stuff that I’m currently working on typing up. I hope you guys like it!

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