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Writer Writer Words on fire
Writer Writer Words on fire
This is my blog with all my personally written poetry. I hope you like it.
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pencilsandcupcakes asked: I love your glasses and your poetry. I can't believe I stumbled on your blog accidentally <333


Aw you are too sweet! Thank you so much! 

We make them
How much skin we
do or don’t show.
Why is it up to us
women to decide
how much skin
we are allowed to show
only because it will
go against this school policy.
Because boys cant
make the choice to
not stare (“If you didn’t
want to get stared at, why
on earth would you wear
such a low cut shirt?”)
Because “boys will be boys.”
Because God forbid that
women are people too and
we can also get hot and want
to wear a tank top and shorts.
Why is it up to us to
cover up, to sweat, in
order to not be looked
at with hungry gazes,
to not get called out by
our teachers, peers.
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