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Writer Writer Words on fire
Writer Writer Words on fire
This is my blog with all my personally written poetry. I hope you like it.
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"Letters I’ll Never Send" (via l0ve-the-bad)

My dearest mother,

You used to hold me
while I cried and
wiped away my tears.
You said you loved me
every single night,
tucked me in, and
then forgot me till
the morning.

You used to hit me over
nothing and kicked me
that one time I knocked
the tv over (even though
it still worked). You hurt
me with words and stopped
tucking me in.
Saying I love you is
a rarity. You go out
every night with men
whose names I can’t keep
straight and
then forget me till
the morning.

Now you’re trying too
and getting angry again
when thanks isn’t to your
expectation I’m getting scared
and stressed I’m left to do the
job of a mother that
you’ve forgotten
how to do.
I’m trying to get
over the past I’ve
had with you but
it hurts too much and I’ve
lost almost all feeling
of remorse and love
for you because I’m sick
of you forgetting
about me,
about your children,
about your self-given job
of a mother.
But I won’t (I can’t)

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